Programs We Offer

All-Star Fitness Program
Our All-Star Fitness program is designed to help toddlers and preschoolers gain strength, cardiovascular wellness, improved motor development, spatial awareness, and cognitive ability. When kids learn to move, the move to learn!

- For Toddlers 18mo-3yrs
- For Preschoolers 3-5yrs

Grow-n-Strong Boot Camp
Boot Camp incorporates the functional elements of our Stretch-n-Grow All-Star Fitness program. However, the intensity of the work-out is "ratcheted up" a notch in order to provide an age-appropriate challenge and learning experience for schoolers. A great FUN workout!

- For Schoolers K-6th Grade

Family Fun Night
Grow-n-Strong Together is a chance for parents and their school-age children to share that fitness experience as a team. During each 45 minute session they work-out together, set goals together, and provide each other with the support and couragement needed to grow strong and healthy together.